Couple’s 37 Year Charitable Success

Many tales of generous cabbies reach the ears of The Cabbie but few are more impressive than the case of Brian and Heather Houssart, from Southend. 37 years ago, after helping out with the London cabbies’ outing to Southend, Brian

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Barnsley Death Heightens Debate

The tragic death of a Yorkshire teenager has sparked new controversy over cabbies’ working hours. Gary Glymond had just seen his team pull-off a massive quarter-final shock when little Barnsley beat the high-rollers of Chelsea 1-0 to dump the then

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Reading Cabbies Forced to Stump Up

Cabbies in Reading are among those who have managed to persuade their local council to freeze the issue of new public hire licenses.   However, they now face a £43 increase in their annual license fee – up from £250 to

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Blue Badges have Cabbies Seeing Red

You’d think it’s already hard enough making a living with all the red tape nowadays but cabbies in the Wiltshire town of Salisbury have hit a new blockage. Rank space is limited in the town centre but it seems to

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Knifeman Spared Prison Sentence

Cabbies in Bournemouth are furious that a man who threatened driver Keith Lickman has been spared jail. Apparently wielding a kitchen knife and threatening to stab your cab driver isn’t enough to justify a stay behind bars.  Drunken Steven Flynn

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Captain Hook to the Rescue

The Cabbie says hats off to Councillor Mark Hook, leader of Gosport Borough Council, for getting off his backside and spending a night observing a troublesome taxi rank. Cabbies in Gosport, Portsmouth, had complained about trouble at the rank but

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Courts Act on Cab Attacks

If taxiing is ever to get any safer, would-be cabbie attackers need to know that their crime will not pay.  Clearly, the punishment must fit the crime. A number of taxi driver assault and robbery cases have come to court recently

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National Taxi Review

Department for Transport (DfT) officials are in the midst of one of the most wide-ranging reviews ever of key policies affecting the UK taxi trade. Revised ‘Best Practice Guidance’ for local taxi licensing authorities is expected to be issued by the

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Taxi Overload Hits Coventry Cabbies

As if a credit crunch, recession and rising fuel costs aren’t enough, many of Britain’s cabbies are struggling with the effect of more and more plates being issued, making it harder still to earn a decent living wage. Stormy Protests

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