Nottingham Drivers Outrage at Low Emissions Order

Over 120 drivers in the Nottinghamshire area are refusing to buy a taxi with low emissions before the June 30 deadline implemented by Nottingham City Council, after experiencing a huge loss in income due to the COVID-19 crisis. Drivers have

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Manchester delays CAZ consultation in response to COVID-19

It has recently been confirmed that the statutory consultation planned for this summer as part of the ongoing process to implement Manchester’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) implementation has been postponed due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Unprecedented Times With local

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Spring Can Still be Sprung with New Taxi Initiative

The Garden Centre Association has come up with a great new scheme to connect taxi firms across the country with local garden centres in order to provide an alternative home delivery service. This would allow keen gardeners access to new

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Support at Last for the Self-Employed

On Thursday 26th March it was announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak that the government would support the self-employed with 80% of their average income up to a maximum of £2,500 each month – much like the statement made a week

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Coronavirus is no laughing matter

At Cab Direct we are always keen to keep taxi drivers up to date with trade news about Hackney taxis and private hire taxis. With the latest coronavirus outbreak, it’s difficult to write (or think) about anything else. The pandemic has now taken its toll across the globe with much uncertainty on a day to day

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Do’s and Dont’s on the Road

It was reported this week that a colossal 12 taxi drivers were spotted in just two hours utilising their mobile phones whilst on duty. Undercover police from West Yorkshire hid on buses with body-worn video devices to note offenders who

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