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Cabbies Challenge Council Over Clean Air Zone Plans

A heated council meeting was held as frustrated black cab drivers discussed clean air zone (CAZ) plans in Birmingham. The Taxi Owner’s Association (TOA), who represent taxi drivers in the city, said they were excluded from meetings between council licensing

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Council Project Criticised by Glasgow Taxi Drivers

A new council project underway in Glasgow city centre is negatively impacting taxi drivers’ livelihood. The £115 million pound ‘Avenue’ project aims to increase space for pedestrians on one of the busiest streets in Glasgow. Concerns Over Rank Use Taxi

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10 hours ago

Cab Direct

Cabbies Anger Over Birmingham Airport Drop-off Charges.

Taxi drivers are angry as the minimum drop-off car park charge increases by a staggering 50 per cent.

The cost of using the Premium Set Down car park at Birmingham Airport has came as a shock with the rise happening overnight.

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Cabbies Anger Over Birmingham Airport Drop-off Charges.Taxi drivers are angry as the minimum drop-off car park charge increases by a staggering 50 per cent.The cost of using the Premium Set Down car park at Birmingham Airport has came as a shock with the rise happening overnight.https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/anger-birmingham-airports-minimum-drop-16000570


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Newcastle airport just up there’s to £2 per 5 minutes

Just got back from Birmingham airport and now you can't according to the signs pick up from the set down point, you have to use the multi-storey now and it starts from £4.50 for 30minutes.

Newcastle airport just up there’s to £2 per 5 minutes

The poor customer will no doubt feel the increase again It’s a total rip off by NCP

It's disgusting what is being charged, the excuses being given, preventing a terrorist attack, something that almost happened once when the perpetrator set himself on fire a mile from the airport, and it's not even the airport making the money it private car parking firms. It's about time the government looked into how these firms can justify charging what they charge especially for drop offs when you're there for a matter of minutes...

It is what it is. Customers dont want to walk 10 mins to the terminal after theyve paid for a service, the extra £1 needs building into the fare

This at BHX has an air of inevitability about it, regrettably. But we DO need a stronger Government which will take action to limit parking charges / increases at Airports and - along with food and supplies - Motorway Services and Hospitals. We’re being ripped off, but our politicians are too bogged down with Brexit shenanigans to bother with small details like running the country on a day to day basis!

Pass charge on to customer I do👍

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow charge £2.....but Edinburgh charge £4 for pick up

Except Toilets every thing Costs 🤔

This is all because of The Glasgow Airport Terrorist Attack 30th June 2007, prior to this we could drop off and pickup directly outside the terminal doors

Gordon skene

It's just silly

This is because of European contractors. They take the airport contract from airport authorities in cheap rates and they (contractors) start innocent people ripping off

Coleen Kearslake

Unfortunately it’s all over the UK. In Edinburgh they increased the drop off charge to £2. WHY ???

Here in Bournemouth we have to pay £3 Just to drop and have been paying for some time now. Rip off airports

Sorry to say this most cab companies are a ripped off

Luton airport charge £3 drop off charge

Complain all you like the airports aren't bothered well should I say NCP I've never heard a time when they've reduced it cos of complaints it's a case of pay it or don't pick up right outside the airport

Fuck ya airports. Just leave it to the specialists like Stephen Phillips. And work for Arrow

Robbing twats

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14 hours ago

Cab Direct

All Guildford Taxis to Accept Card Payments.

All Guildford taxis are to take card payments from April 1. However, drivers say this will incur additional costs.

A council spokesman said cabbies would be able to recover these costs by having the extra method of payment available.

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All Guildford Taxis to Accept Card Payments.All Guildford taxis are to take card payments from April 1. However, drivers say this will incur additional costs.A council spokesman said cabbies would be able to recover these costs by having the extra method of payment available.https://bit.ly/2TOECTd


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ffs it’s 90p on a £50 job

Carry on using cash then lose work to Uber , then youll be wishing you had card payments

Crying because the tax man will get a, little more.

Kiss your tips goodbye !!

Only want cash to hide it from the tax man

It's not really going to increase their earnings though. Without a card machine you just have to stop at a cash point. Now they have the added outlay of buying a suitable card reader. And then they will have to pay a small percentage on each card job they do.

I would of thought that the taxi drivers would be happy to increase their earnings, instead of crying. What a shame

Not if every drive can take card payment

I’ve got them in all my cabs,, most customers don’t want to use them as they are charged VAT on top of the fare but it’s a handy tool when taking business customers as they don’t care about vat,, SumUp are the ones I use only 1.68% and no other charges

I'd be more pissed at having to have a car that colour tbh

All ph and hc have em in york, gotta move with the times fees are like 17.5p on a tenner its nothing if it gives people convenience

Use ‘SECURE TAXI’ or ‘CURB’ as they are also known. Reasonable pricing. Customer Friendly. Plus if you don’t want to lose out on tips it prompts a tip screen before the customer makes the payment

In that case they should increase the meter rate to alow for the % a card reader costs and pass it on to the customer not the driver !

It increases how much money they have to now pay in tax is basically what they are getting at

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