Electric and Hybrid Taxis for Sale

Cab Direct offers a broad range of top-quality hybrid and electric taxis for sale in the UK. If you are looking to buy a hybrid taxi or electric taxi, our sales specialists are here to help you find the best price, with big savings across several leading manufacturers. We can also offer you a no-obligation test-drive on your economical taxi, wherever you live.

With Cab Direct, you can cut out the middleman by buying your hybrid taxi direct from the factory. Just as importantly our taxi centre specialists offer superb value and first-rate after-sales service and support, UK-wide. Click on any of the links below to find your perfect electric taxi now.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The revolutionary Corolla Sports Touring Hybrid allows you to travel in style, while safe in the knowledge you are doing so sustainably. This self-charging petrol hybrid is sporty but still extremely practical. A range of key features including heated front seats, reverse parking sensors and 16” wheels in all standard models from the entry ‘Icon’ all make this car perfect for use as a hybrid taxi.

Hyundai IONIQ

The IONIQ Hybrid delivers everything you need from a regular vehicle on top of all of the environmental and economic benefits that come from a hybrid or electric car. This great vehicle boasts a list of key features including a 550 litre boot, dual-zone air conditioning and electric windows, on top of its green credentials meaning low running costs when used as a hybrid taxi. 

Toyota Prius Hybrid

The new generation Toyota Prius Hybrid offers a modern design and advanced technology in order to provide an efficient, comfortable driving experience. The highly efficient hybrid engine charges as you drive, allowing you to work long shifts with ease. Up to 94.1mpg combined and low emissions mean this great car can be used as a hybrid taxi in any city with low emissions requirements.

Toyota Prius Plug-In

Another sleek design synonymous with the Toyota brand comes in the form of the Prius Plug-in. Combined fuel consumption up to an impressive 217.3 mpg and low emissions add to the benefits of this great car. Better still, the Prius-Plug In’s low emissions deem it exempt from the London Congestion Charge, so is ideal for use as a hybrid cab in the capital.

Nissan Leaf 

The 100% electric Nissan Leaf is a perfect choice for a fully electric taxi. With its range up to 168 Miles from every charge of the 40 kWh battery, this car can easily handle your daily shifts without having to stop and recharge. What’s more, this great vehicle comes fully loaded with a range of great features including automatic air conditioning, the NissanConnect EV navigation and entertainment system and intelligent cruise control, making it a great choice as an electric cab for both you and your passengers.


These are just some of the vehicles available from our great range – visit cabdirect.com for more!