Best Places to Charge your Electric Car

If you are interested in upgrading your current black cab or standard taxi to a brand new electric vehicle, you will be interested in the latest figures released by the government on charging points. The league tables show the regions across the UK with

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Cab Direct Top Taxi Care Tips

Autumn Edition Autumn is an essential time of year for car maintenance and this is more important to consider when your taxi is your livelihood! Here are some of our top tips to take care of your cab. Check your

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Taxis in Cambridge Could be Forced off the Road!

Cambridge City Council’s licensing committee have voted for all new standard taxis to meet the new low emissions standards. The controversial change is due to take effect in April 2020 despite many taxi drivers and council officers recommending a delay

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London Mayors Hackney Age Limit Decision Slammed

Hackneys are renowned for their longevity, however a ruling by mayor of London Sadiq Khan to decrease the maximum age limit for hackney taxis from 15 to 12 years has been slammed by the London Assembly during a recent Mayors

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Wolverhampton’s Excellent New Safety Campaign

The people of Wolverhampton can now feel much safer travelling by taxi around the city, thanks to the recently launched ‘Get Home Safe’ campaign. The local authority is keen to warn and protect those travelling at night in the area,

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Take A Break From Your Taxi

Regularly sitting in vehicles during long shifts can take its toll on a taxi drivers physical health. Here we look at some ways in which cabbies can counteract their sedentary working lives, while at work and at home. The Heralds

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