Do’s and Dont’s on the Road

It was reported this week that a colossal 12 taxi drivers were spotted in just two hours utilising their mobile phones whilst on duty. Undercover police from West Yorkshire hid on buses with body-worn video devices to note offenders who

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Wakefield Taxi drivers going on strike!

At Cab Direct we were surprised to hear that a large group of taxi drivers in West Yorkshire are set to go on strike for a few days this month.  Drivers from Wakefield are unhappy with the recent changes to taxi trade industry rules and feel they have no

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Southeastern Town’s Plan to Enforce CCTV in Taxis

The licensing committee for Colchester Council has put forward a proposal to implement mandatory CCTV in all cabs. Local residents and business owners will now be asked for their thoughts on the motion over a three-month period after a majority voted to move forward during a vote on the proposal from the

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Tyre Tread and Safety Checks

A taxi driver from Nottingham recently has his cab taken off the road with immediate effect by Community Protection Officers. They found that his taxi had two tyres which measured below the legal tread depth. One of them was so badly worn that the inner cords were

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New Taxi Price Increase in Merseyside

Taxi drivers in Merseyside can expect an imminent increase in their licencing fees, following a meeting at Sefton council on 18th December 2019. Earlier this month, the committee agreed on a necessary increase in taxi licensing fees which will come

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