Age Limit for Crawley Cabs

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November 20, 2014

A new proposal to retire a hackney taxi or private hire vehicle once it reaches ten years old, regardless of it’s condition, has been released by Crawley Borough Council.

End of the Road for Businesses

Cab drivers have been expressing their anger at the suggestion which they say will push some drivers out of business.

Whilst the cabbies agree that safety of the public should be top priority they feel that forcing the trade to retire their vehicle after ten years, even if it’s in good health, is ludicrous.

A hackney cabbie in the area, Shahzad Malik, said: “The system which is already in place has been working well.  When you first get your licence your car shouldn’t be more than four years old and it has to pass a compliance test every six months.

“If the council has its way, when a vehicle reaches ten years old it can’t be driven as a taxi. Age shouldn’t be criteria.

“There are taxis on the rank which are 14 years old and which have only done 180,000 miles whilst there are others which are only five years old and have done 350,000 miles.

“In the current economic situation, when there’s not much work about, drivers are struggling already. Some would be definitely be forced out of work.”

Voice Your Opinion

Chairman of the Crawley Borough Council licensing committee, Michael Jones, said that the cabbies could let there voices be heard by commenting on the 90-day public consultation which is running until 3rd February 2015.

Councillor Jones commented: “The condition and safety of the taxi fleet in Crawley is one of the council’s duties.

“The policy proposes standards which reflect that older cars will need to be replaced over time. At some point, that will inevitably mean setting some sort of age limit.”

You can email your concerns or complete the online form here.

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