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A Guide To Pothole Damage Claims

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A Guide To Pothole Damage Claims

Recent weather conditions and reduced spending on road maintenance by some local authorities have led to an increase in potholes on UK roads, causing damage to vehicles and their tyres, including taxis.  


Here are some tips for taxi drivers who have hit a pothole and are dealing with the consequences: 


Check for Tyre Damage: Pull over to inspect your vehicle for any visible damage to your wheels and tyres. If you can’t see any, but your taxi feels off, get it checked by a mechanic. Contact our repair specialists if you need help.   

Report the pothole: Report the pothole to the appropriate government agency (local council, National Highways, Traffic Wales, My Gov Scotland, or NI Direct Government Services) to help keep the roads safe for other drivers, including other taxi drivers and future passengers.   

Vehicle repairs: Get several quotes for any repairs or replacement tyres required and keep copies of invoices and receipts to minimize the financial impact on your business. This documentation will be necessary should you need to make a claim.  

Claims: You may be able to claim compensation from the council or relevant authority if they were responsible for maintaining the road.  

Write to the relevant authority with details, photos of the pothole and damage, and copies of invoices and receipts. This can help recoup some of the costs of repairs, minimizing the financial impact on your business. 


We all do our best to avoid potholes, but some are simply unavoidable. Hopefully, these tips make it as painless as possible when you can’t avoid one.