Ford ProCab™ – “Spacious and Accessible”

Raymond Wardropper is a taxi driver in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. He recently purchased the Ford Procab™ from Cab Direct and has never looked back. With 80% of his work being wheelchair jobs, he is delighted at how simply the Easyglide™

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Ford ProCab™ – “Slick About Town”

William Swinburne has been a cabbie for 30 years. He chose to buy the Ford Procab™ a year ago and has been delighted with the end to end service he has received from Cab Direct. So much so, he came

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Most Affordable Hybrid: Toyota Corolla

If you’re looking for a stylish new hybrid taxi, the Toyota Corolla is an excellent choice. Recently voted ‘Most Affordable Hybrid’ by Auto Express, the Corolla is quiet on the road, extremely comfortable and great for city driving. It also

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Test Drive the new Mercedes M8™ Vito Taxi

The Mercedes M8™ Vito hackney taxi is a comfortable, rewarding driving experience. You spend your working life sitting behind the wheel, and with the M8™ Vito cab you’ll feel right at home in the spacious, well equipped driver’s compartment. Economical

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Volkswagen Kudos™ – Luxurious, Reliable & Versatile

Somerset taxi driver, Bogdan Milasan, was on the search for a new cab to replace his Volkswagen Passat after racking up an impressive 150,000 miles. Looking for something that was wheelchair friendly, luxurious and staying loyal to the VW brand,

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Ford Mondeo – A Winner in St Helens

The all-new Ford Mondeo taxi continues to be a popular choice for today’s tech-savvy driver.  With innovative technologies and boasting an impressively modern exterior, Mondeo is a visionary treat. We caught up with Cab Direct customer and experienced taxi driver,

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Road Ready with Cab Direct

Looking to trade-in your old cab for something newer? Then look no further than our Road Ready used taxis available for sale. With a wide selection of hackney cabs, top brand standard cars and purpose-built taxis to choose from, you’ll be sure to find

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ProCab™ Excels in Lancashire

The ultimate hackney taxi, Ford ProCab™, continues to reign as a best-seller among the taxi trade.  We caught up with Cab Direct customer, Stephen Horvath, to hear how he’s getting on with his new taxi partner.  Standing proud next to his

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