Woman Admits False Rape Allegation

November 15, 2016

A 40 year old woman from South Lanarkshire, Glasgow, has admitted to falsely accusing a private hire driver of rape.

In March 2014, 56 year old private hire driver, William Millar, was radioed to take a fare from The Crutherland House Hotel in East Kilbride. On arrival at the hotel, an extremely intoxicated Fiona Scanlan was waiting for her cab home.

Initially, Mr Millar refused to take her home but after some convincing from her friends he changed his mind. However, a while into the journey things took a turn for the worse when Miss Scanlan began to hurl verbal abuse at him.

At this point, Mr Millar decided that he no longer wanted to continue with the fare. He stopped outside of Cathcart police station and asked Miss Scanlan to get out of his vehicle before the situation got out of hand.

As Mr Millar drove off Miss Scanlan entered the police station to report that he had driven to “a remote location” and sexually assaulted her. Mr Millar was arrested and detained for 18 hours while police questioned and examined him for evidence.

Inconsistent & Bizarre

Strathclyde Police described how there was many inconsistencies with Miss Scanlan’s story and that it was “bizarre” that he would drop her off at a police station afterwards.

Luckily for Mr Millar his car was fitted with a GPS system. After an examination of the equipment it was revealed that Mr Millar didn’t go off route or stop his vehicle for any more time than you would wait at a set of traffic lights.

Prosecutor Zahra Latif said: “The taxi didn’t make any lengthy stops during the journey.”

With evidence to show that Mr Millar wouldn’t have had time to commit the offence and many flaws in her story, Miss Scanlan had no choice but to admit to the false claims.

“I feel that it’s important that it’s known publicly that my name is cleared.”

At Glasgow Sherriff Court on Wednesday 9th of November Miss Scanlan cried as she was told that she faced jail for wrongly accusing Mr Millar of such a serious offence.

Sheriff John McCormick said: “This was an appalling allegation while under the influence against someone endeavouring to take you home, and proceeded upon when sober.

“It’s very likely a custodial sentence will be imposed.”

Clearing His Name

Still a private hire driver, Mr Millar is keen to clear his name and has described the situation as “one of the most embarrassing things in my life”.

In a police statement, he added: “I feel that it’s important that it’s known publicly that my name is cleared.

“I feel there is a stigma attached to me and I want everyone to know that I didn’t do this.”

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