Taxi Safety Screens for Extra Protection

As the UK’s leading taxi sales specialist of black cabs and standard taxis we want to help drivers get back on the road as best we can and are delighted to see local councils following suit. As the government lift the lockdown restrictions even further, more and more people are visiting the shops, meeting friends, eating out and enjoying “staycations”, the demand for taxi services are continuing to increase. Taxi drivers have been identified as one of the high-risk industries for contracting the virus due to the close contact between drivers and passengers. Although face masks have become mandatory for both cabbies and their passengers across the country, drivers have opted to protect themselves further with the installation of taxi safety screens. 

Taxi governing bodies and local councils have been increasingly getting on board with this change, so much so that some councils are now offering to reimburse the costs of purchase and installations of the screens in private hire vehicles.

Liverpool Leads the Way 

Liverpool City Council was the first authority in England to approve a protective screen for taxis which gives drivers and passengers extra reassurance when travelling. The locally-made screen costs around £300 and takes less than an hour to fit.  

After having his screen fitted, Liverpool taxi driver Mike Pennington said: “The lockdown period has been a terrible time for the trade. I haven’t worked for six weeks because there are so few passengers. I also wasn’t prepared to go back until there were some extra precautions in place. These screens couldn’t have come at a better time and the council has done a great job in inspecting them and passing them as safe to use so quickly.” 

Blackburn & Darwen Council  

Blackburn and Darwin council have gone a step further and announced that all hackney carriage and private hire vehicles licensed in the area are able to have safety screens fitted free of chage. This decision was encouraged by Council Environment Director Martin Eden after he recognised taxi drivers as a key risk group. He said” One driver could come into contact with anywhere from 30 to 200 customers per day! The council will fund the purchase and installation of the polycarbonate screens. The taxi drivers would be responsible for replacing the screens as and when it becomes necessary.” This decision has been welcomed by drivers in the area who are safe in the reassurance that they have an extra layer of protection over and above the use of facial protection.  

Cab Direct Screens Offer

Toyota has also gotten on board with this initiative and have designed a screen to fit their Corolla, Prius and Prius Plug-In models, which has been approved by the TfL. Cab Direct is currently able to offer this additional extra free with the purchase of any of these models. 

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