Taxi Firms Take to Ride-Hailing Autocab App

September 7, 2018

Stockport software company, Autocab, has seen a rapid increase of taxi firms using the app. The ride-hailing app technology hosts a booking and dispatch platform that allows local taxi firms to compete against competitors, such as Uber, in the taxi industry.

Originally founded as Two-way Radios, Autocab has used its knowledge of the taxi sector to develop the consumer facing app.  Following the transformation in 2015, Autocab has become one of the fastest growing tech companies in the north west.  More than 50% of the UK private hire taxi market has supported Autocab’s software, including Manchester-based StreetCars and Aqua Cars in Portsmouth.

Autocab Accelerates Internationally

Autocab has grown at an average of 43% each year over the past four years thanks to huge international interest.  The company has now expanded into over twenty countries across the world.

Chief Executive, Safa Alkateb, said: “We realised we had to change our business model if we were going to help local taxi firms compete against Uber.  The growth of ride-hailing apps has completely changed the passenger market, turning the industry on its head.”

The success of the business has been built around a development team of 24 workers, continuingly providing new technology and innovative ideas.  Over one million ‘trips’ around the world are processed each day by Autocab’s booking and dispatch technology.

Mr Alkateb, commented:  “The transition from hardware supplier to software supplier wasn’t easy.  It was a bit like converting a propeller plane to a jet plane in mid-flight.  However, after a bumpy transition, we now have a profitable business and are looking to reinvest in further innovations.”

App Evolved by Innovation

The family-owned business, run by Mr Alkateb and his nephew Hassan Abod, currently employs 170 staff including the development team.  Established in 1991, the business was developed by computer scientist Dr Falah Abod, to help his friends in the taxi industry by commercialising a hardware-based booking and dispatch system.  Now evolving into software as a service technology, Autocab can provide local taxi firms with the necessary platform to rival other ride-hailing apps.

Mr Alkateb, said:  “Not only are we helping taxi firms to transform their operations, we’re also exploring ways that they can play a leading role in the technology revolution currently taking place in transportation and mobility. This includes developments in ride sharing, connected and autonomous vehicles, and the exciting emergence of software as a service.”

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