Taxi Fare Deal

Portsmouth Main

December 2, 2010

Black cab drivers in Portsmouth have successfully negotiated a new fare deal with Portsmouth City Council.

The deal means an increase of 15p per mile between 7am and 10pm, Monday to Saturday and a 17p per mile increase on a Sunday. Other charges, including the 60p charge for entering Portsmouth’s famous Royal Navy base, will remain the same.

Black Cab Pleas

The case put to the council licensing committee by the black cab drivers sited increases in the price of fuel, insurance and other associated trade costs since the last rise in 2008. Although accepting that the requested rise was above inflation, the black cab drivers argued that it was essential in order that they keep pace with the rising cost of motoring. The committee accepted the cab driver’s request and voted in favour of the changes which will come into force in mid November.

Portsmouth City Council transport boss, Councillor Jason Fazackarley, said:“The increase isn’t too terrible, though of course it’s a shame when lots of people are having a difficult time economically. But that applies to the taxi drivers too and I think, bearing in mind they haven’t changed their fares in two years, an increase of around four per cent isn’t unreasonable.

“It’s two per cent year-on-year, so as the group effectively determining their salary, we were happy to let that happen.

“No-one likes costs going up, but this is not excessively high. People in all professions deserve fair pay increases.”

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