Search for Brighton Black Cab Hero

December 27, 2018

A mother is searching for a black cab driver who came to her daughters rescue after seeing her being attacked on Brighton’s seafront.

The unknown cabbie witnessed a man grabbing the young girl and without hesitation, he got out of his taxi and chased the man away.

“Not all heroes wear capes, some drive taxis.”

The girl’s mother, Donna Reffold, posted a heartfelt appeal on social media. She wrote: “Looking for the taxi driver who stepped in to help my daughter on Friday night (21st December) on Brighton seafront in the early hours of the morning. He possibly saved her life.”

The cabbie, believed to be in his 50’s, consoled the young girl and proceeded to make sure that she got home safely.

Mystery Black Cab Driver

Donna hopes that, with the power of social media, she can track down the kind-hearted cabbie and thank him in person for looking our for her daughter.

She continued: “The stranger ran off towards the beach and the taxi driver consoled my daughter and took her home. I would like to find this taxi driver and thank him in person. If as many people as possible can share this post we may be able to find him.

“His actions have restored my faith in our society. Not all heroes wear capes, some drive taxis.”

With over 1,000 shares already, Donna could be close to finding out who the mystery hero is. Have you heard anything on the ranks? Help us recognise this wonderful act of kindness and let us know on Facebook.

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