Salisbury Taxi Firm Support Wiltshire Community Foundation

November 19, 2018

The owners of Salisbury based taxi company, All The Sevens, are helping the Wiltshire Community Foundation’s ‘Surviving Winter’ campaign by donating 10p from every taxi journey in November and December.

Winter Campaign Fight Against Fuel Poverty

“We see it as giving something back as some of the people affected may have been our customers.”

Wiltshire Community Foundation has been running the campaign to help combat fuel poverty by providing grants of £300.  The grants help those who can’t afford to pay the average amount of costs to heat their home in the winter months.

The National Office of Statistics report 11.4% of homes of the South West live in fuel poverty.  However, the same statistics show there are areas of Wiltshire where 36% of households fall under this bracket.

All the Sevens owners,Gary and Neil Taylor, plan on showing their support to the community foundation following reports that the South West has the UK’s highest rate of fuel poverty.

Gary Taylor, said:  “We’re delighted to be able to support this very worthwhile cause.  You don’t want to think of anyone suffering from the cold and if we can help people by doing this then that’s great.

“We see it as giving something back as some of the people affected may have been our customers.”

Rapid Growth for Family Business

Brothers Neil and Gary, set up the taxi company with just three cars in 2014 and they currently have 43 taxis on their system.  They’ve invested over £200,000 on brand new vehicles, ensuring they’re efficiently run while offering a wider availability of cars to their customers.

Gary said:  “It’s been amazing growth and there’s no way we expected it to happen this fast.

“We’ve always made sure we invested the profits back into the business and all of the investment we’ve made has been because of the demand.

“The majority of our drivers are self-employed and only pay us commission on the jobs they do.  We’ve got a fantastic team but are always on the lookout for new drivers because the business is growing so quickly.

“We’ve taken on several Wiltshire Council contracts and our portfolio of private company accounts is on the rise.”

For more information on Wiltshire Community Foundation’s Surviving Winter campaign visit:

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