New Taxi Price Increase in Merseyside

Taxi drivers in Merseyside can expect an imminent increase in their licencing fees, following a meeting at Sefton council on 18th December 2019.

Earlier this month, the committee agreed on a necessary increase in taxi licensing fees which will come into effect from 2nd January 2020.

Last year the annual driver’s licence fee was £24, which has now been increased by a massive 25% to £30. On top of this, new cab drivers will also have to pay a £15 application fee. Vehicle licence fees will rise from £139 to £145 and additional fees such as transfers will increase from £19.50 to £25.

Merseyside Council officer Terry Wood informed the committee that the rise in annual licence fees is necessary to compensate for income shortfall. He explained “What we have identified is that when someone is a brand-new applicant, it does take longer for that license application to be processed rather than a renewal. With this in mind, we have decided to introduce an application fee.”

Representatives Views

The Sefton area currently has the lowest fees in the region, and it was noted that Wirral and Knowsley council have already brought in application fees. Another local councillor, Pat Keith, asked Mr Wood how the trade representatives felt about the changes.

Mr Wood responded, “The reps are largely supportive of the new increases, however going forward discussions will need to happen between the wider trade group to decide how fees should be pitched in the future.”

Previously Postponed

Taxi trade representatives did have the option to petition the meeting last week if they were unhappy. The fees were initially proposed for 4 November but were first postponed following two objections. Those objections were carefully reviewed and considered, and talks were held before they came to an agreement and adjusted the proposal accordingly.

On top of this new application fee, taxi drivers in the area will have to adhere to all of the other pre-requisites to obtain a license in the UK. The list below provides a list of requirements.

How to Become a Taxi Driver:

  • You must hold a full UK driving licence for one year
  • You need older than 21 and pass a DBS check.
  • You must pass level 2 introduction to the role of the professional taxi and private hire drive
  • You must pass a medical.
  • You must have the right to work in the UK.
  • You need to know the local area.

Please contact your local authority for more information and find out how to complete the process and become a licenced taxi driver.

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