New Government Standards to Improve Safety for Passengers

Cab Direct is pleased to hear the new rules announced by the government for the taxi and private hire vehicle sector that will protect passengers across England and Wales.

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, recently announced the new Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Standards which local authorities will be expected to implement as quickly as possible. The rules are expected to improve consistency in the licensing system for black cabs and standard taxis across the UK and reducing the risk of harm posed to vulnerable passengers, including children.

New Standards

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Following several historic and serious cases of drivers abusing their trust, the new recommendations include enhanced DBS criminal record checks for drivers every 6 months. Another key part of the new standards includes safeguarding training that will help drivers identify passengers that may be being abused or exploited and know how they should respond to different situations. Specialist training courses to transport vulnerable children and adults could also help the licensed taxi trade find new opportunities to raise earnings and help combat the slump in business caused by current lockdown restrictions.

Another recommendation is for licensing authorities to take on board is whether the introduction of CCTV would be beneficial in their areas but it’s important that potential privacy issues are carefully considered.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “We know most drivers provide an important and safe service for communities, but more must be done to protect passengers from those who abuse their position of trust. That’s why we’re looking to licensing authorities to enforce these rigorous new standards, ensuring drivers are fit to transport passengers in a safe environment and to stop those who aren’t. We expect all licensing authorities to implement the standards and won’t hesitate to introduce legislation if they don’t fulfil their responsibilities to keep the public safe.”

Improved Reporting Procedures

After extensive government consultation with taxi trade industry experts and regulators, the new rules will ensure that drivers who are applying for a new licence will have to disclose if they have previously held a licence in a different council or area. This will ensure consistency across the country. Councils and local authorities will have to improve their reporting and complaints procedures. They must ensure that passengers feel safe reporting incidents and they must be adequately investigated.

We at Cab Direct are pleased to see these improvements and are delighted to see the trade starting to pick up. As the UK’s leading taxi supplier we are able to offer great deals and exclusive trade discounts on our range of wheelchair accessible and standard taxis. For more information call the top of the page or contact us here.



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