Gwynedd Taxi Cab Operators See Red

Bangor Menai Bridge Main

December 7, 2010

Taxi cab drivers and operators in Gwynedd, North Wales, may be forced to paint their taxi cabs in specific colours under plans being considered by Gwynedd Council.

The council’s Central Licensing Committee is currently considering official recommendations aimed at making registered taxi cabs easily recognisable to the public. A suggestion to impose a two-tone livery on taxi cabs, with hackney taxis being coloured black with red bonnets and backs and private taxi cabs being coloured white with yellow bonnets and backs, has been abandoned. However, the committee will now look seriously at an alternative colour coding scheme that will require all hackney cabs to be one specified colour and all private taxi cabs to be another.

Taxi cab operators in the area have reacted angrily to the proposal, claiming that unlicensed vehicles could still operate simply by repainting their vehicles the appropriate colour. Further to this, they argue against the cost implications of such a scheme, and that individual taxi cab operators would be unable to clearly define who they are.

The proposal has critics even within the council, with one councillor referring to the plan as “totally bonkers”. Others who have shown support for the changes have conceded that, in the current economic climate, the scheme would require to be phased in gradually.

The plans will now be taken to local taxi cab operators to consult on their views directly.  A committee spokesman suggested that at a previous meeting with a cross-section of operators, the scheme was generally supported.

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