Glasgow Nitezones Safety Campaign Launched Over Festive Season

December 7, 2018

With Christmas fast approaching and the office parties in full swing, a city organisation has launched a new campaign to help party-goers get home safe.

Glasgow’s night life sees an influx of people attending their festive nights out, increasing the use of trains, buses and taxis as revellers make their way home.

Safety Campaign Enforced Over Christmas

Community Safety Glasgow’s new campaign, ‘Party Safe, Home Safe’, regards safety as paramount during this time, and aims to encourage people to plan and organise their journeys home in advance.

Community Safety Glasgow Group works in partnership with a wide range of city centre services that work towards improving community safety, including a response team, digital radio network and marshalled taxi rank Nitezones.

Nitezones Allocated Across Glasgow

Chairman of the Safe Glasgow Group, Bailie Glenn Elder, said:  “As one of the largest cities in the UK, it’s of utmost importance to us that people not only enjoy themselves on a night out in Glasgow, but they do so safely.

“Planning your journey home is also just as important.  Demand for taxis and public transport is exceptionally high so it’s a good idea to know the time of your last bus or train.

“Alternatively, we have six Nitezones located around the city centre, where home safe marshalls staff the taxi ranks and help keep the queues in order.”

Passenger Safety Paramount

The city will operate six Nitezones in and around Glasgow city centre where help will be on hand.  During the festive period, the designated areas will transport passengers from 11pm to 5am.

Bailie Elder added:  “There are a number of Nitezones throughout the city, operating extended hours during the festive period weekends.

“There will also be volunteer street pastors, police officers and staff from Community Safety Glasgow, out patrolling the city centre to offer help and assistance to anyone in need.

“We want everyone to enjoy themselves throughout the party season and to stay safe. In a city which boats 98 award-winning Best Bar None venues where staff and stewards are trained in customer safety, you know you’re in good hands.”

Let’s hope the taxi trade follows suit with similar safety campaigns over the festive period! Taxi drivers, contact us with your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

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