Driver Cautioned for Failing to Strap in Wheelchair Passenger

A taxi driver from Liverpool was recently reprimanded by the council for failing to strap in a wheelchair passenger. All drivers have a legal obligation to ensure wheelchair users are correctly secured in their vehicles – it’s a mandatory condition of holding a wheelchair accessible taxi licence.

If you drive a designated wheelchair accessible taxi you are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Always position the wheelchair in the designated space
  2. Secure the wheelchair with the passenger facing forward and not to the side.
  3. Use the restraints as supplied by the vehicle manufacturer
  4. Ensure the brakes are applied – if the wheelchair is electric, it should be switched off.
  5. As the driver, you should offer a wheelchair passenger assistance in entering and exiting the taxi using the ramp provided.
  6. All ramps and equipment must be maintained an be in good condition ready to assist a wheelchair user.

Failure to adhere to the conditions of your licence could risk your job. This was proven in a case in Coventry last year, whereby a taxi driver lost his licence not once but twice after he was found with a wheelchair passenger who hadn’t been secured using the straps provided by the manufacturer.

The cabbies local council withdrew his licence following a committee meeting where they decided that he had not correctly secured his passengers on two occasions. They felt that the driver had tried to blame the passenger, whom he had stated had asked not to be strapped in.

Taxi Drivers Duties

Your duty as a taxi driver is to accept all wheelchair passengers, without any additional charges. You are also required to assist the passenger as required, and if the passenger chooses to sit in a passenger seat, to make appropriate arrangements in transporting the wheelchair. Finally, you need to make sure that the wheelchair user is carried as safely and as comfortably as possible.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

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