Coronavirus is no laughing matter

At Cab Direct we are always keen to keep taxi drivers up to date with trade news about Hackney taxis and private hire taxis. With the latest coronavirus outbreak, it’s difficult to write (or think) about anything else. The pandemic has now taken its toll across the globe with much uncertainty on a day to day basis on the state of the population and economy.  

We know that this is sure to hit the taxi trade hard. Business is currently tough, but we are hopeful that we can get through this especially if drivers continue to support one another and the wider community.  As things stand (at point of writing) many resilient cab drivers are still committed to serving their local communities and continue to work until the government says they can no longer.  

Used to working long or unusual shifts, in all weather, our cabbies are tougher than most and are working as hard as they can to keep supporting the elderly to travel to important appointments, take children to school and transport people to shops for essential supplies. 

Breaking News 

RMT, the Taxi drivers’ union, has now requested that the government use the taxi trade as a fifth emergency service during the crisis. This action could prevent many families from being completely isolated during the increased lockdown measures that are being put in place Every day we hear of more closures and more rules on social distancing whilst older, vulnerable people are struggling to get essential supplies, and we are being strongly discouraged against utilising public transport.  

This would throw a vital lifeline to over 75,000 self-employed cab drivers across the UK and here at Cab Direct we fully support this plan. The strategy would be a win-win both for the livelihood of the industry and for whom critically require support with transport. 

Something to Make you Smile  

We have come across a great story telling of drivers trying to keep light in the situation, which we would like to share in the hopes of brightening up your news feeds in amongst all of the negativity. Cabbies take great pride in the cleanliness of their taxis - but the same can’t be said about some of their current humour!  “Hi there, where are we off to?” … “Anywhere with bog roll, driver!” “Hi driver, is it ok if I eat in the back of your taxi?” … “Of course, you can fart too, just don’t bloody cough!”  

Taxi Driver’s Important Delivery 

Another recently publicised story told of a female passenger who gave birth to her baby in the back of Gary Wilson’s cab in London this week. The couple he was transporting were on their way to University Hospital in London when Mr. Wilson was told to pull over.  He said, “all of a sudden the baby came out!” Luckily the paramedics were quick in arriving to assist, helping the new family get to the hospital. The driver was pleased to be provided with an update following the unexpected event that the family were doing well. They offered their sincere thanks to the driver for playing his part in their new child’s successful arrival to the world and offered to clean the back of the taxi for the cabbie. It is safe to say that is a fare the driver won’t forget!  

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