Christmas Checks for Cabs in Aberdeen

December 23, 2016

Police in Aberdeen are working with cabbies to make sure their taxis are safe for festive party-goers to use. Officers checked around 100 black cabs and private hire cars during a two-day operation last week and only uncovered a handful of minor offences.

“We need to make sure they’re doing everything correctly – public safety is paramount.

Checking things like taxi licenses, brake lights and tyre pressure, the majority of taxis were found to be legal, roadworthy and safe. Police were also searching for vehicle faults and unofficial ranks as part of the crackdown.

Christmas Campaign

The joint road safety and licensing operation was run by Aberdeen City Council taxi enforcement officers and the Road Policing Unit. The campaign, which was launched just in time for the busiest and most dangerous period of the year, aimed to promote public and road safety.

Aberdeen council licensing inspector, Kenny McGeough, said: “Taxis are the last piece of the jigsaw for getting people home safely. We need to make sure we know who’s driving and that these vehicles, which are doing a lot of mileage, are safe.

“You or I could get into a taxi intoxicated at the end of the night and you would expect it to be safe. It’s another area of licensing that needs looking at, and we’re doing it now ahead of the heavier footfall.”

Taxi Inspections

Mr McGeough re-launched the campaign when he took up the role of managing the road unit this year. The taxi inspections haven’t been done in recent years but will now become a regular occurrence.

He said: “We need to make sure they’re doing everything correctly – public safety is paramount.

“We don’t want to be a barrier to trade in one of their busiest periods. There are rarely any issues but it’s our job to check and keep people safe.”

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