Canterbury Tale has Happy Ending


November 26, 2011

Earlier this year, on his way to do a school pick-up, Peugeot E7 taxi driver Paul Chinnery suffered a massive heart attack, ploughing his taxi direct into a hedge.

Paul’s wife, Lynette, recalls: “It happened just before 3pm when Paul was on his way to Canterbury to do a school job. He ended up at the side of the road.”

Fortunate Happenings

Two off-duty fire-fighters just happened to be passing by and found Paul unconscious behind the wheel of his taxi and attended to his aid.  His pulse was failing quickly and for the following two minutes, Paul was as good as dead.  Just as the fire-fighters thought they had lost him, unbelievably, two paramedics on their way back to Canterbury from another call spotted the accident and were able to resuscitate Paul back to life.

Lynette commented, “They were able to shock him but because they weren’t on call, they didn’t have enough oxygen on board to help him with his breathing.”

An air ambulance was called and arrived to take Paul to the nearest hospital. Lynette received a call to inform her that her husband had had a heart attack by the local police, who happened to be travelling along the same road. She said “The angels were undoubtedly with Paul that day.”

Outstanding Care

Paul spent a total of six weeks in hospital including four weeks in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Paul and Lynette have five children who, along with his sister Mary and niece Nicki, cannot thank the staff enough for the care provided. “I was in zombie mode and I can’t remember the names of the police officers and we only found out about the fire-fighters weeks later.”

“I just want to say thanks to everyone and to all of the hospital staff for bringing Paul back to life. Various medical professionals have told me he is one lucky man to be alive, having died for a time on the A28. In fact the ICU said that they had not expected a recovery at all.”

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