Cab Fare Review in Banbury


December 6, 2012

Following a campaign by local taxi drivers Cherwell District Council has agreed to consider an increase in cab fares to help them cope with rising maintenance and running costs.

Drivers from the Banbury area joined forces with North Oxfordshire Hackney Association (NOHA) to appeal for the fare increase. The proposed changes would see the standard minimum fare of £2.00 increase by 50p and rise from 11p to 12p for every sixteenth of a mile thereafter.

Chairman of North Oxfordshire Hackney Association, Choudhry Khalid Mahmood Anjum, said the small rise in fares would go a long to help the cabbies cope with the pressures of the current economic climate.

Fare’s Fare

Mr Anjum said: “We’re just asking for 50p extra. People pay more for a pint of lager or a ticket to a nightclub so what’s wrong with paying for a taxi to take them home?

“Over the last three-four years the cost of living has got so high; insurance and the price of petrol and everything else has gone up, so we’re due a little increase and we’re not asking for a large amount.”

He added: “We’re willing to scrap double time charges over Christmas and New Year to help the community.”

Cherwell District Council agreed an increase was overdue.

Councillor Kieran Mallon said: “It’s four years since we increased taxi fares and any of us who run vehicles for business will know it is costing us more and more.

“I agree we need to look at the basic pricing but I don’t think we should go with a large increase.”

He added: “We have to provide a rate the hackney drivers can run a business on at a profit, but also one our residents can afford.”

Councillors proposed that an increase of 20p on the standard fare was a big enough change and that they should also keep to their double-time rates over Christmas and New Year.

A final decision on the proposals is expected before Christmas.

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