Bid to Cut Taxi Crime in Yorkshire

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December 21, 2010

Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire has offered funding towards installing CCTV systems to the area’s taxis in response to a rise in crimes against cabbies.

It’s hoped an increase in taxi sales of the on-board cameras will help create a safer working environment for the taxi drivers in the town.

West Yorkshire Police recorded a total of 425 incidents against taxi driver in the Kirklees area between November 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009. The new CCTV system is intended to deter anti-social behaviour as well as theft and violent crime, and providing taxi drivers with improved peace of mind.

Cllr Peter O’Neill commented: “Similar schemes introduced elsewhere have shown an immediate and massive reduction in the number of crimes against taxi drivers and we hope these results will be seen in Kirklees.”

Taxi Crime

Kirklees Hackney Carriage Association member, Makhan Singh, said he was considering investing in one of the systems.  He said: “It’s about making you feel safe. Things have got worse for taxi drivers in recent years.

“There have always been drunks and druggies who threaten you but with the economy being what it is there are more instances of people trying to do a runner without paying.”

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