30 London Cabbies Set to Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity!

As a leading specialist of black Cabs for sale, Cab Direct is proud to have supported the charity efforts from an amazing group of 30 cab drivers who are set to climb Kilimanjaro later this year. They are raising funds in support of the London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children and a children’s community project in Tanzania.

The First Climb

The group started as a three last year and already raised a fantastic £18,000 for the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans by climbing Kilimanjaro. To do so the team had to make massive lifestyle changes, and all lost weight while training for the 6-day challenging ascent. One of the climbers Darren Parr from London explained “Climbing Kilimanjaro was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The cold, the relentless climb, the lack of sleep and the altitude sickness, all combined to make us all feel very miserable, but this was a challenge for charity, and we weren’t going to give up.”

2020 Challenge

On their return, the 2019 trio inspired many more cabbies and formed a new group of 30 who are due to tackle the climb in September this year. The group of both men and women taxi drivers have started getting military fit and are expected to lose up to 52 stones between them while they train for this massive expedition.

Two of the original three from 2019 decided that they need an even tougher challenge, so are set to climb Mount Meru first and then join the rest of the group at the foot of Kilimanjaro. John Dillane described how this came about: “We never expected to do a second challenge, but we had so many fellow cabbies who were inspired to join us in Tanzania, that we decided to do it again. As if it wasn’t hard enough climbing Kilimanjaro, Daren and I decided we needed something new to challenge us.”

Included in the party of 30 are a husband and wife team Stuart and Lynsey Lockhart who have been taxi drivers for 16 and 8 years respectively. They originally got hooked on climbing after a recent holiday in Morocco, where they climbed in the Atlas Mountains and were delighted to join the team. Stuart added: “Despite the enormity of the challenge we are committed to summitting Kilimanjaro and raising thousands for the London Taxi Drivers Charity for Children and a charity looking after children in Tanzania.”

Raising Money

The London cab drivers are hoping to raise a total of £10,000 for two amazing charities. £7,500 of the money raised is set for the London Drivers Charity for Children and £2,500 is being donated towards a children’s community project in Tanzania. You can also donate at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/cabbiesdokilimanjaro.

Everyone at Cab Direct wishes the cabbies all the best in their training and we look forward to hearing all about their challenge.

Please get in touch if you too are supporting this challenge or something similar. Visit us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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