Mercedes-Benz M8™ – The Ultimate Hackney Taxi

Built on the latest Mercedes-Benz chassis, the M8™ comes complete with full hackney specification, allowing six passengers to travel in comfort and style. The Mercedes brand inevitably prompts high expectations – the all-new M8™ won’t disappoint.

Peugeot Premier – Unique FlatFold™ Ramp

If you’re looking for a versatile, low cost access solution, Premier™ is the answer. With its unique FlatFold™ramp, Premier™ provides a fully wheelchair accessible cab one minute and a spacious five seater with plenty of luggage the next.

Peugeot Premier™ FlatFold™ Wheelchair Ramp

Premier’s lightweight ramp simply lifts from its position on the vehicle floor to give you quick and easy wheelchair access. Restraining the wheelchair passenger couldn’t be simpler either thanks to Premier’s four-point wheelchair restraint system and full lap and diagonal inertia seat belt.

Ford Journey – Unique FlatFold™ Ramp

Journey’s unique access ramp simply pulls out from the rear floor of the vehicle to provide an ultra-strong wheelchair access point, with an impressively low gradient.

Volkswagen Kudos™

Based on the latest model of the stylish Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life, the Kudos™ is one of the most eye-catching and flexible taxis on the market today.

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