Wrexham Driver Feeling Good as New


September 14, 2004

Cab Direct’s re-conditioned taxi division is enjoying rapid growth, as more and more drivers take advantage of low-cost access to purpose-built hackney vehicles in first-rate condition.

Wrexham’s Christopher Smith recently moved into the hackney market and is already reaping the benefits of his reconditioned Eurotaxi.

“Most of the work in Wrexham is private hire based, so moving to a hackney vehicle is a big investment for any driver,” says Christopher.

A nearby friend had recently bought a brand new Peugeot E7 from Cab Direct and Christopher was very impressed. “Having seen the E7, and bearing in mind the operation of taxis in my area, I really liked the idea of getting a hackney vehicle myself but wasn’t quite sure if I could go for the newest model.”

However the opportunity to purchase a refurbished vehicle presented an attractive alternative.

Having made the decision to opt for pre-owned, Christopher was surprised to see his Eurotaxi looking like new.

“I had expected it to look a little more worn, especially as I hadn’t seen the taxi myself before I bought it,” says Christopher. “But it felt like I was driving a brand new vehicle.”

Christopher has been pleased to see that he’s not the only person impressed with his Eurotaxi. Already he’s finding a real difference with a wide range of passengers, including mums with pushchairs or shopping, as well as older customers.

“Both the side-step and the ramp have been very useful for a lot of my customers and it’s performed beyond expectations,” says Christopher. “Because it’s a purpose-built hackney it also really helps me stand out from the rest of the competition locally.”

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