Smooth Rolling E7

David Hardie land

December 11, 2008


David Hardy, from Sunderland, was already enjoying the benefits of driving an E7 original taxi but after test driving the new model he couldn’t wait to own one himself.

New E7’s all-round vision, maneuverability and handling were just some of the features that impressed David when he first drove the vehicle.

Superior Drive

David explained: “Peugeot have always had a great reputation for their diesel engines but their latest really is something else.”

“The new E7 cab is unbelievably smooth and I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with the six-speed Peugeot gearbox”, continued David.

“I know that some drivers prefer automatic vehicles but I would recommend they try the new E7 first as they won’t be disappointed.”

David added: “A number of my mates on the rank have had a go in my cab and think it’s excellent.  To be honest I can’t praise it enough as there’s always plenty of power when you need it and the drive quality is second to none.”

Pulling Power

New E7 benefits from the latest generation of Peugeot’s class-leading HDi engines.  A genuinely purpose-built vehicle, E7’s smooth and flexible performance comes from thousands of hours of testing and development with the same engine, gearbox and drive train.

The cab’s HDi diesel power plant also combines plenty of low-down torque and responsiveness around town with smooth, low-vibration performance, even at motorway speeds.  Pulling a full load of 6 or 7 passengers (depending on licensing conditions) together with luggage is meat and drink to this workhorse of the taxi road.

Variable power-assisted steering is another major asset, leaving the cab driver in complete control without feeling exhausted at the end of a long taxi shift.

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