Simply the Best


October 17, 2006


When asked why he rates the Peugeot E7 so highly, Gateshead cabbie Frankie Clark was forthright with his response.


“Without a shadow of doubt the E7 is easily the best value for money taxi on the market today”




Frankie has been driving taxis for seventeen years so knows a thing or two about the trade.


“I’ve driven Fairways, Metrocabs and TXs in the past but they don’t come close to the E7.  The money I now save on my monthly fuel bill is enough to cover the payments on the vehicle, which is exceptional value when you think about it.”


On top of this Frankie has seen his servicing costs dramatically reduce, with parts readily available when required.


“My current E7 has done 156,000 miles and I’ve not had one problem with it.  Things such as tyres are much cheaper too which again adds to the overall savings I’m making.”


It’s not only Frankie who rates the E7 so highly either, as he explained:

“Most of my work involves transporting wheelchair passengers and school contracts and the vehicle is perfect for both.

“I’m able to load the wheelchair without much effort at all and my passengers know they’re going to travel in complete safety.”




Due to the variety of hires that he gets it’s clear that the E7 is ideal for Frankie but on top of the vehicle’s excellent performance and low maintenance costs he also feels strongly about the backup service from Cab Direct.


“The way I’ve been looked after since I bought my first vehicle from Cab Direct back in 2001 has been exceptional. Someone is always available for me to discuss any queries I might have which is great as it gives me even greater peace of mind.”

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