Premier™ is a Winner in Taunton

Mark Thomas Premier MAIN

November 27, 2014

Our Taxis, a six year old company which serves Taunton, Somerset and surrounding towns, has recently taken delivery of a new Peugeot Premier™.  The latest addition is the tenth vehicle in the company’s growing fleet and the fourth Premier™ owner Mark Thomas has bought from leading taxi firm Cab Direct in as many years.

Here Mark explains why the Premier™ is now his taxi of choice: “When we first started up we were running Doblos.  We like to keep the fleet up to date so when the time came for these to be replaced, we decided to head to the PHTM taxi show in Coventry to do some research.  After looking at what was available, the Premier seemed like the best bet – in terms of value for money, it really doesn’t get much better.

“We were so impressed with the vehicle, we bought our second one a few months after taking delivery of the first.  Since then we’ve had two more – it’s the only cab I’d consider now.”

Economy Cab

Providing a five seater with plenty of luggage one minute and then full wheelchair access the next, Premier™ is the ideal taxi for the modern day driver.  Offering space, comfort and superb driveability, from just £15,995 on the road, Premier™ packs a huge punch.  Not only that, it’s cheap to maintain too.

Mark says: “We’ve found the vehicles to be massively cheap to run.  The engine is really efficient which means fuel bills are down.  Plus, we’ve literally halved our servicing costs.  We service our cars every 6,000 miles and have found the Premier’s to be really reliable and consequently cheap to maintain.”

Mark continues: “We’ve been impressed with how well they wear too.  The first two we bought are over four years old now but they’re still in great condition.  The interior still looks really sharp.  Plus the driver’s seats have really kept their shape.  The comfort levels for both the driver and for passengers are excellent.”

Access & Space

Arguably the best feature of the Peugeot Premier™ is its revolutionary EasyLift™ wheelchair access ramp.  When not in use, the EasyLift™ ramp stows away quickly and easily allowing you to take full advantage of Premier’s cavernous 675 litre boot area.  With the ramp in position, flush to the vehicle floor, there aren’t many hatchbacks on the market that offer as much unobstructed space.

Then, when you need it, the ramp simply lifts from its position on the vehicle floor to give you quick and easy wheelchair access.

Mark says: “The set-up in the Premier is superb – the ramp is amazing.  We do several wheelchair jobs each day and you really can’t go wrong.  The ramp is really quick and easy to use and the low ramp gradient really helps too.

“The fact it folds flat to the floor when not in use is a really useful design feature.  It means the vehicle can be used to cater to any job.  Wheelchair work, school kids with bags and airport work, it’s all taken care of.”

For more information on the Peugeot Premier™ call Cab Direct free on the number at the top of the page, email or click Peugeot Premier™here.

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