Peugeot on Track with New 407

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August 26, 2004

The trustworthy and economical 406 proved itself a favourite taxi workhorse over the years, outselling most of its major rivals. Now the 407 is turning heads with its spectacular looks – but how does it shape up as a taxi?

Antony Farr, from Bexleyheath, near London, is ideally placed to make the comparison, having run 406s from Cab Direct for many years.

Diesel Technology

“I’ve always been really happy with the 406,” says Antony. “Peugeot are the market leader in diesel technology and the 406 never really let me down.”

Naturally Antony had mixed feelings when he heard about the model change. In some ways he was sorry to see the end of the 406 but, like many of us, he was keen to see the 407 in action.

In practice any fears which he may have had were quickly set to rest. Cab Direct was, as ever, able to provide a good deal on the required vehicle and Antony duly took delivery of three new 407s.

Spacious Legroom

As well as building in new levels of driver comfort and safety, Peugeot have re-designed that rear of the 407 to provide a spacious passenger compartment. The floor space is virtually flat, so three passengers can relax in the comfortable new seating, enjoying unrestricted views through the side windows.

“Because of its sporty look some people imagined before seeing the car for themselves that it may be short on space,” says Antony.

“In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Our customers have really liked the new model, which has to be good for business. In addition some of my driver’s are fairly large guys but they’ve been really happy with the legroom too, which is great.”

Increased Power

Antony says both he and his drivers love driving the 407 and really notice the benefit of increased power from Peugeot’s latest HDi engine.

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