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Rob Finlayson Peugeot Partner Taxi THUMB

November 28, 2013

Private hire taxi driver and father of three Rob Finlayson, from Glasgow, is in his seventh year as a private hire driver working in the city.  He is also one of the Peugeot Partner’s biggest fans and it’s not hard to see why.

The spacious and stylish vehicle combines all you need in a modern day cab with truly great economy.  Plus, with superb fuel efficiency and huge luggage capacity, the Partner is ideal for the taxi trade.

But why take our word for it? Here’s what Rob had to say:

“The Peugeot Partner is one of the cheapest options for entering the taxi / PH trade available.  That, along with the 2 year unlimited mileage warranty, allowed me to fix my costs over the next couple of years which, to me, was crucial.

It’s always nice to know just how much you’re going to need to fork out to keep yourself on the road.”

Full of Charm

“In fairness its price is the Partner’s main draw but once you start to live with her day to day your eyes are opened to all her little charms.  For example the sliding doors are great – stops those of a thoughtless disposition causing damage to or with your doors when they are exiting or entering the vehicle.

“The under floor storage is fantastic too – it’s ideal for keeping all those valeting supplies and spare bulbs etc out of sight.  Not to mention the interior space.  I would say it’s definitely on par with the Skoda Superb in terms of interior passenger space and possibly exceeds it due to the extra height.  It’s a roomy and spacious car and that’s before you even look at the luggage capacity you can carry.”

Bags of Room

“I’ve yet to encounter a job that has challenged the space on offer.  I’ve regularly found myself turning up for jobs where an estate car has been requested and the little Pug just swallows it up.  The extra height compared to a regular saloon certainly helps here and it’s a doddle for loading and unloading.

“The back seats fold down and come out in less than 30 seconds giving you a small van for those jobs where you need just that little bit more room.  And in terms of storage for your own stuff there’s a slide out bin under the drivers seat, four cubby holes in the under floor storage and a double glovebox which is a real boon – not forgetting the overhead shelf.  I honestly don’t think I could ask for more.”


Rob continues in his praise: “The Partner is a very easy car to drive.  The driving position is good and, even without the height adjustment option on the seats, I don’t find it a problem to settle in for a long stretch in the saddle.  Driver visibility is good too and it’s easy enough to manoeuvre and park almost anywhere.”

Economy Cab

Speaking of the Partner’s economy, Rob is equally effusive.  He comments: “Taking it sensibly and staying within motorway speed limits I can easily get over 60mpg on a motorway run.  Even around town I don’t think I’ve ever seen below 45 mpg.  When I compare it to my previous Vectra I’m probably saving anywhere between £30-£40 a week in diesel.

“I received a fair bit of stick from my colleagues when I first picked up my Partner but they weren’t laughing once they found out just how efficient it was.

That coupled with the initial purchase price certainly makes for a bit of envy these days.  Parts are also very reasonably priced and thanks to the basic setup under the bonnet, it’s going to be cheap to keep on the road too.”

High Praise

“I really can’t speak highly enough of my little Pug.  I picked her up from Cab Direct back in February and she’s been great for me, covering a solid 63 thousand miles so far.

“The service from Cab Direct has been great too.  The chap I dealt with, Stuart, made everything straight forward and easy for me from start to finish.  The whole purchase of my vehicle was a no-nonsense, easy process – from financing at a competitive rate to taking delivery of the vehicle.

The courtesy calls since purchase are a nice touch too – it’s nice to know that Cab Direct actually takes an interest in it’s customers beyond handing over the keys”.

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