Northampton Goes for Choice

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September 3, 2006


Northampton hackney drivers have welcomed the recent decision by the local council to licence Cab Direct’s Peugeot E7, allowing them a choice in the vehicle they use to earn a living.

Paul Curtis, who had been campaigning for the E7 to be licenced for the best part of four years, was the proud first owner of a Northampton-licensed E7.

“Up to now we’ve only had the choice of the Metrocab or TX and I don’t think Metrocab have built a new vehicle for a good while now”, commented Paul.


“Drivers throughout the UK have been enjoying the benefits of the modern E7 for years so why should Northampton be any different?

“Features such as ABS and air conditioning are commonplace for most yet we had to endure long shifts in cabs without these benefits.”

After waiting so long for the vehicle to be passed Paul was delighted to place his order with Cab Direct’s Ian Hallam for a brand new E7 SE.

“It’s been a long wait to get the E7 approved but well worth it,” added Paul.

“My new E7 SE was delivered direct to me from the factory and includes modern features such as ABS, air conditioning and the EasyGlide under floor ramp which I think is absolute genius!”

A number of Paul’s colleagues have already followed his lead as they too want to take advantage of the E7’s lower price and fantastic fuel economy.

Peace of Mind

“Some of the other lads I know have already placed orders for E7s as they can see the obvious benefits in comparison to their current cabs.

“At first a few didn’t realise the vehicle comes with a five year unlimited mileage warranty, which gives a cabbie real peace of mind as our vehicle is our livelihood.”

Commenting on the Northampton decision Cab Direct Chairman Gerry Facenna said: “We’re delighted that the hard working drivers of Northampton can now take advantage of the Peugeot E7’s numerous benefits.  It’s taken a lot of hard work from various people and I’d like to express our thanks to everyone that’s helped our campaign for driver choice.”

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