New E7 SE Takes Market by Storm

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November 25, 2004


The new E7 SE is proving the talk of the town, as the purpose-built taxi moves up to the next level.

Since the launch of Cab Direct’s new upgrade vehicle at the Sandown Taxi Show, orders have been flooding in daily.

Managing Director Gavin Gillies says, “Response to the new E7 SE has been unprecedented. We knew that the vehicle would be popular, but not quite on the scale it has been to date.”

Existing customers had been asked what improvements they would like to see for the market-leading hackney vehicle. Consequently the E7 SE features air conditioning, a calibrated meter, electric step and rear LED lights – all as standard. The most sought-after feature, however, has been the SE’s unique ramp system.

The new Easy-Glide™ under-floor ramp offers a dramatic leap forward in convenience, simply pulling out from under the passenger floor. The patented integral ramp means that drivers no longer have the hassle of taking ramps from the back of the vehicle and fitting them to the side of the taxi. And of course passengers no longer have to suffer the inconvenience of having to wait for the ramp to be installed before entering or departing.

Gillies continues, “By offering taxi drivers a model that matches the feedback we’ve received, we aimed to provide a vehicle that truly meets modern-day needs. Judging by the number of orders we’ve received already, it looks like drivers are more than happy with the added benefits of the E7 SE.”

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