New E7 Makes its Mark in Lichfield

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September 25, 2007

Paul Grimley from Lichfield recently took delivery of his new Peugeot E7 and hasn’t looked back.
He realised that the public require a vehicle with the highest levels of comfort which is why in the end his choice was an easy one.
Paul explained: “I’ve driven a variety of taxis in the past including saloons and minibuses but none of the vehicles belonged to me. I decided to purchase my own vehicle which really was a massive step for me.”
Paul continued:  “I did my homework and spoke to my colleagues on the rank to gauge their opinion on what’s currently available. I also did my own research via the internet etc as I wanted to be clued up on all the options.”
Paul added: “I’d heard all about the quality of the E7 from the boys I work with but when I saw the new model for the first time I was just blown away! It looks so classy that you just can’t fail to be impressed whether you’re a member of the public or a cabbie.”
Driver Comfort
Having driven the vehicle for almost 3 months Paul is able to give an informed opinion of the new E7’s merits.
“The driver position is fantastic in terms of comfort and visibility. A few of the lads on the rank have had a shot and can’t believe how good it is. Those long shifts suddenly don’t feel as long anymore!”
Paul continued: “The drive is absolutely brilliant. When I first had a test-drive of the new E7 I expected it to be good but and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It’s really smooth and the excellent fuel economy has drastically reduced my fuel bills.”
Paul is also enthusiastic about the response he’s had from his regular passengers.
“I’ve got a real mix of customers who need me for a variety of jobs. Sometimes it’s an airport run but I also do lots of weekend work with people going on nights out.”
Paul continued: “What I would say is that everyone’s opinion of the vehicle is the same, they love it! It’s comfortable, smooth and spacious – everything you would want from a modern taxi.”
Designed and manufactured jointly by Peugeot and Cab Direct, reliability and performance are hallmarks of the E7’s success in the hard-working UK hackney taxi fleet. The secret of that success lies in a vehicle that is genuinely purpose-built, combining a class-leading engine, drive train and vehicle body all designed to work in perfect harmony.
Drivers throughout the UK are also benefiting from reduced fuel bills thanks to Peugeot’s groundbreaking diesel technology. The latest generation of HDi engines is a staggering 20% more efficient. This means that with the HDi you can work longer – and earn more – on one tank of fuel than you can with other purpose built taxis.
Cab Direct Managing Director Paul Nelson commented: “We’re delighted that Paul is happy with his new E7.  The intensive development programme we undertook with Peugeot to produce the new vehicle is paying dividends with drivers up and down the country making the switch to the new E7.”

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