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November 16, 2004


For anyone in the taxi industry, choosing the right vehicle for the job is a business-critical decision. For fleet operators, vehicle purchasing can be big business while for self-employed owner-drivers the car you choose literally is the business.

A wide range of standard and purpose-built vehicles is used across the hackney and private hire sectors. As far as private hire is concerned, most major makes are represented in the market, to a greater or lesser extent.

Looking ahead the clever bet for the next big thing goes to the new taxi-pack Peugeot Station Wagon. Supplied exclusively by market-leader Cab Direct, this striking-looking workhorse offers fantastic value, combined with many significant advantages for the taxi trade.

Major features include the spacious interior, with high roof and increased legroom. In addition the Cab Direct taxi specification includes a fitted luggage grill, allowing drivers to take full advantage of the enormous boot space – ideal for airport and station fares. What’s more the 2.0L HDi engine offers plentiful power for every day workloads, combined with superb fuel economy at up to 60 miles per gallon.

The taxi special is topped off with its spectacular panoramic glass roof, together with a ready-fitted, high visibility taxi sign for maximum business impact.

Recent sales figures suggest that the Peugeot Station Wagon is rapidly becoming the favoured workplace of Britain’s private hire operators.

Cab Direct managing director Gavin Gillies comments: “Until recently many drivers tended to stick with standard saloons. However we’re finding that more and more operators are catching on to the size advantages offered by a bigger vehicle like the Peugeot Station Wagon.

“There’s also the added, highly important benefit that it is highly price competitive against any other taxi-suitable vehicle on the market.”

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