M8 Taxi Still the Best

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September 26, 2007

Christchurch driver Rodger Milton was full of praise for his new Mercedes-Benz M8 taxi when he took delivery back in 2006.  Now, almost 18 months on, his enthusiasm for the vehicle is even greater.
The M8 hackney cab is available in two fantastic models with a number of additional features for the professional taxi driver.  Both S and SE models are available in manual or automatic.  Furthermore, each model comes with a Mercedes-Benz 3 year unlimited mileage warranty as standard.
“With over forty years experience of driving taxis I’d say I’m more than qualified to give an opinion.  My last taxi was also a Mercedes-Benz but it didn’t come from Cab Direct and wasn’t in the same league as the M8,” explained Rodger.
Rodger was on the look out for a new cab as he wanted to take his business to the next level and provide an even better service to his customers.
“The M8 cab really captured my imagination the first time I drove it and now 18 months on I still think it’s easily the best taxi I’ve ever driven!”
“The M8 is perfect for the job as we have a very high percentage of elderly people down here in Christchurch and the ExtraSlide rear seat makes its accessibility for wheelchairs even better.”
Regular Customers
“I have a number of regular customers who always ask for the M8 by name – they’ve got used to travelling in style!”
The M8 cab comes complete with full, purpose-built hackney specification while up to 8 passengers can travel in comfort and style.  In addition, the driver is also assured of a spacious, safe, comfortable ride, with the added bonus of the M8’s superb manoeuvrability and performance.
General Manager of Sales Peter Facenna commented, “We’re delighted that Rodger is still benefiting from the M8’s superior features that make both his and his passengers journeys even more comfortable.  The M8 taxi has proved extremely popular throughout the UK with both drivers and passengers alike hugely impressed.”

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