Luton’s Finest

luton taxi

November 25, 2005


When Luton cabbie Abid Aziz took delivery of his brand new silver Peugeot E7 SE he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. “I think it’s the most stylish looking taxi in the area by a mile. I love the modern design.”

Abid has been in the taxi business for over five years and his family have nine hackney vehicles between them. So why did he decide to swap his TXII Gold for a Peugeot E7 SE?

“Simple really”, replied Abid.  “I was fed up having to go to specialist garages who could never get me back on the road quick enough and getting parts was an absolute nightmare. Now I can take my taxi to any Peugeot dealer and there’s also the security of having a five year unlimited mileage warranty.”

Another huge factor in Abid’s decision to change was the superior fuel economy the E7 enjoys over the TXII. “To say my last vehicle guzzled fuel would be an understatement! I’m now much better off in the pocket as the E7 is far more fuel efficient.”

Purpose Built 

It’s not only Abid and his family who have been hugely impressed by the E7, as his passengers will testify. “My regulars think the vehicle is fantastic. The electric step and EasyGlide ramp have come in for special praise from the elderly and disabled. They feel the taxi has been built with them in mind which means a lot.”

“I also do a fair amount of airport work and again the vehicle ticks all the boxes. I’ve got plenty of room for luggage in addition to the passengers – what more could I want?”

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