Family Affair

Roy Warner

November 10, 2005



It isn’t unusual for a son to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, when four generations of the one family choose the same profession you have to think this is more than a coincidence!

West Midlands driver Roy Warner has been in the hackney trade for 34 years and has seen it all. And like Roy, his father, grandfather and great grandfather were all taxi drivers.

“You could say that I had no choice but to become a cabbie,” joked Roy. “It’s something that we’ve all done, starting with my great grandfather at the turn of the century so you could say he was the pioneer.”

Nothing Compares

During his time on the road Roy has driven various vehicles including FX4s, Fairways, TXs and a Metrocab. But in his opinion, nothing compares to the Peugeot E7.

“It is from a different planet!” enthused Roy. “It’s more driver friendly because of features such as the extra legroom. Also, my running costs have been cut in half as well as the vehicle being much cheaper to buy in the first place.”

When it comes to finding out how someone feels about a vehicle a good starting point is to ask what they plan to purchase next. “The E7 SE of course! I can’t imagine driving anything else so once my S model has done a few more thousand miles I’ll contact Cab Direct to place my next order.”

If a fourth generation taxi driver doesn’t know what he’s talking about then who does?

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