Ecstatic E7 Customer

robertmarie land

December 19, 2008


Robert Marie MBE, from Jersey, in the Channel Islands, recently took delivery of his new E7 and is delighted with his choice.  Having previously owned three E7’s, Robert had opted for a change with his last taxi and bought a VW minibus.  However, following last year’s motor show in Coventry he decided that the New E7 was definitely the car for him and since reverting back to the tailor-made taxi from Peugeot  and Cab Direct he couldn’t be happier.

Robert commented: “The new E7 is definitely the taxi for me.  It has everything – visibility, spaciousness, safety and miles to the gallon.  It’s absolutely ideal and I won’t go back to driving anything else.”

And Robert isn’t the only one enthusing about new E7 as he explained: “People are always commenting on the taxi and saying how nice it is, other drivers and customers alike – it happens all the time.  In fact, my last customer has only just mentioned what a lovely taxi it is.”

Robert went on to say: “I’d recommend the E7 to anybody. You can’t get a better taxi in my opinion. It is, by far, the best taxi I’ve ever driven.”

And he isn’t joking. Robert is so impressed with the new E7 that not only has he recommended it to other drivers in his area but he has even pinned up leaflets at Jersey Airport.

There is no disputing the E7’s exceptional drive-ability with numerous independent road tests, highlighting the vehicle’s superb all-round vision, maneuverability and handling. Purpose-built for the taxi market, New E7 brings you even more ground-braking features ideal for the modern day driver and Robert Marie, another happy customer, is testament to that.

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