E7™ Still Favourite in Guernsey

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November 11, 2011

If you’ve ever wondered about making the switch to a modern style black cab, Kevin Marsh would be a good guy to talk to.  Guernsey based cabbie Kevin recently took delivery of his second Peugeot E7™ taxi and could not enthuse more about his new cab.

Kevin says: “I changed over from a Ford Galaxy to an E7 some years ago and absolutely loved it.  I was so impressed with my E7 that when I decided it was time to upgrade again, there was only one taxi for sale that I considered.  My new E7 arrived last month and I couldn’t be happier with it.”

The Rolls Royce of Taxis

Kevin, who has worked as a cabbie in the Channel Islands for the last seven years, says: “There is literally nothing negative I can say about the E7.  It’s the Rolls Royce of taxis for sale.  It absolutely knocks spots off the LTI taxi.  There are a couple of TX drivers on the island but there’s no comparison between the two.  If you ask me – E7 is miles ahead.”

Designed and manufactured jointly by Peugeot and Cab Direct, the E7™ has been built with the modern day driver in mind.  A specially crafted driver’s seat, offering active, pump-action height and tilt adjustment and extra lumbar support, is your assurance of a comfortable ride every fare.  Passengers will also benefit from a relaxing and enjoyable ride thanks to E7’s excellent road holding and modern suspension.

Bags of Space

With sandy beaches galore, Guernsey is extremely popular with holidaymakers looking to relax.  No stranger to tourists looking for a cab, space is a big priority for Kevin – one that E7™ accommodates with ease.  Not only does the rear compartment provide plenty of room for a full passenger load, E7’s EasySlide™ rear seat also allows you to create extra boot space for luggage laden passengers.

Kevin explains: “I’m up and down to the airport on a regular basis and, in terms of space, the E7 is fantastic.  I can carry seven passengers and their luggage with no problems.  In all the years I’ve been taxiing on the island, E7 has never failed me yet.”

Brucie Bonus

Another big plus point for Kevin, is the wheelchair accessibility in the E7™.  He says: “I get a lot of wheelchair work from local nursing and care homes and, more often than not, they specifically request the E7 because it’s so good for access.”

With manual or cab-operated electric side-steps, high-visibility grab handles and a wide entrance sliding rear door, the E7™ comes up trumps when it comes to passenger access.  E7’s revolutionary EasyGlide™ pull-out ramp and large flat floor also makes loading wheelchair passengers a breeze.

Kevin continues: “The ramp in the E7™ is great.  It couldn’t be simpler to use and it takes no time at all to get passengers on-board.  It’s first rate when it comes to safety too.  The restraints are quick and easy to connect and I’m always safe in the knowledge that my passengers are secured safely.”

Kevin concludes: “What more can I say, it’s comfortable, fuel efficient and my passengers love it.  The introduction of the FareAssist door system on the latest model is a Brucie bonus too!  It’d never go back to driving anything else.”

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