E7 Saved my Life


Noal Maguire of Glenone Taxis in Maghera, Northern Ireland, firmly believes the reason he’s alive today is the safety protection provided by his Peugeot E7.

Anyone who knows the tight country roads of County Derry will appreciate how unforgiving they can be.  So when Noal was involved in a massive head on crash that left his taxi in a ditch the paramedics who arrived on the scene fully expected to find a dead body.

That Noal defied the odds and survived the horrific smash is something he puts down to the fact he was driving one of the company’s fleet of Peugeot E7s at the time.

Noal explained: “Nobody needs to tell me how lucky I am to have survived the accident.  I’m in no doubt that the E7’s build quality saved my life.”

Noal continued:  “I’m told that the protection built into the vehicle did its job to perfection as the safety cell helped transfer the full impact around the vehicle and cabin area preventing more serious injury to myself.’

Noal noted that the E7’s driver airbag – such  a crucial factor in reducing injury – deployed successfully during his accident.

Noel also added:  “Amazingly, the partition in the E7 didn’t move, buckle or bend at all and the bulkhead stopped the dashboard moving further than it did.”

After spending five months on crutches Noal is continuing to make a slow but steady recovery from his injuries.
Cab Direct Managing Director Paul Nelson, who also hails from Northern Ireland, commented:  “Naturally, we were extremely concerned for Noal when we first heard about his accident.

“However, we’re glad to hear that the tried and tested E7’s strength and modern safety design proved their worth in preventing Noal from suffering even more serious consequences from such a major head-on accident.

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