E7 Driver is Best in Brighton

Best in Brighton

July 24, 2007


Nagi Gilada, from the popular seaside resort of Brighton, has been celebrating recently after winning the Brighton Taxi Driver of the Year 2007.

The competition involves a series of tests including driver skills, local knowledge and car presentation. Nagi ranked highly across the board and really excelled in the car presentation class.
Nagi commented: “I’ve been driving taxis since 1995 and pride myself on how my cab looks. I currently drive a Peugeot E7 which is in immaculate condition.”
Nagi continued: “When you work in any service industry its imperative that you provide a high standard to the customer.  That’s why having the best vehicle available for the job is so important to me as well as keeping it in good condition.”
Having driven a variety of different vehicles such as saloons and old style hackney taxis Nagi knows what features are needed in a modern taxi.
Nagi explained: “Modern taxis need to be versatile as customers have so many different requirements.  The E7 is perfect for transporting wheelchair passengers with the handy EasyGlide ramp and there’s also plenty of storage space for luggage.
Cab Direct Chairman Gerry Facenna commented: “We’re delighted to hear of Nagi’s recent success and also that he’s so happy with his Peugeot E7.  He obviously has extremely high standards and deserves to be recognised for the excellent service he provides.”

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