E7 Ahoy!


November 9, 2011


Folkestone Taxi Company Ltd, the largest hackney company in the port town, has taken delivery of its first new E7 from the country’s number one taxi supplier.

“I’ve always thought that other black cabs are overrated, too expensive to run and costly to repair,” said Colin Streeter, pictured here with his new E7. “But the E7 is a brilliant vehicle; economic, modern and spacious.”

The E7’s extra room has gone down well with Colin’s passengers – many of them disabled – who have benefited from improvements made to the E7 compared to Cab Direct’s previous incarnation, the ever-popular Eurotaxi.

“Having been extremely happy with the Eurotaxi and having seen the improvements made to the E7, I knew that my first choice would be Cab Direct for my next vehicle,” said Colin.

The new E7 continues to be the vehicle of choice for the taxi industry across the UK, with many drivers reaping the benefits of improved fuel economy, safety and wheelchair-accessibility that the E7 offers.

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