Double the Dosh for Dean

Dean Hudson BarnsleyMAIN

December 10, 2013

November brought delight to yet another unsuspecting cabbie as taxi sales specialists Cab Direct announced the latest winner in their quarterly prize draw.

The lucky recipient this time round was Dean Hudson, from Barnsley, who was shocked to hear that he was to receive double the usual prize money – a sizeable £1,000 – as the winner of Cab Direct’s ‘Double your Dosh’ promotion.

Festive Bonus

Talking about his win, Dean said: “I’m absolutely elated.  My wife and I both thought that it must be a wind up at first.  I told the other drivers on the rank and they didn’t believe me either!

“It was only after the arrangements were made for the cheque to be handed over that it finally sunk in.  I even sent the other drivers a picture to prove it was definitely true.”

Dean continues: “I’ve got two kids so, with Christmas just around the corner, this really couldn’t have come at a better time.  The wife is going to have great fun helping me spend the money and it’ll be a bumper Christmas all round for the Hudson’s this year.”

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