Different Class

m8 people

September 13, 2005


Stafford driver Gregory Warrilow has been in the taxi trade for almost three years and has spent most of that period driving a Peugeot Eurotaxi from Cab Direct.

“The Eurotaxi has served me well over the past three years and the backup service from Cab Direct has always been excellent. However, I decided that I wanted to give my business a real boost and go for something more prestigious,” commented Gregory.

Having read about the Mercedes M8 in the taxi press he decided to visit the Telford Private Hire & Taxi Exhibition to have a look for himself.

“The M8 was exactly what I had in mind with its superb range of features and versatility. I was able to agree a deal with Cab Direct very quickly and I can honestly say that I’ve not looked back since!” enthused Gregory.

That’s probably an understatement as he’s already clocked up 6,000 miles since receiving his M8 SE only four weeks ago.

“The interest in my new M8 has been simply incredible. I’m busier than ever before with a whole host of new customers and my existing clients think the vehicle is great too. I even have a booking to take someone to the Cheltenham Festival in 2006!” laughed Gregory.

The M8 has a number of huge benefits that set it apart from the competition but one of the main ones is its wheelchair accessibility.

Gregory explains, “I have a large number of wheelchair passengers and they think the M8 is fantastic. They have plenty of room to manoeuvre and feel completely secure throughout the journey.”

“The other huge advantage that the M8 has is its versatility. The ExtraSlide rear seat means I can carry 6 or 7 passengers with luggage when doing airport jobs. It’s this type of thing that makes me realise what a sound business decision I’ve made as the M8 really is different class.”

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