Cabs Turn Down Wheelchair User in Brighton

Brighton and Hove MAIN

November 25, 2014

Brighton and Hove taxi bosses are fuming after hearing that a wheelchair user, who wishes to remain anonymous, was turned away by five different private hire cab drivers.

Nightmare Situation

Brighton train station has recently undergone a major £5.5 million face-lift but local taxi drivers have critisised the council saying they did not listen and take note of the safety and access issues pointed out to them.

John Streeter, of Streamline Taxis, said: “I heard about what happened with the wheelchair user and the five private cabs and let me tell you, if they were our drivers they would have been kicked out straight away.

“It’s a nightmare up there at the moment, there’s a piece of kerb close to the station that needs sorting out.  We have to tell wheelchair users to go to Surrey Street to allow us to pick them up safely.

“The council gave no attention to the disabled community, we also asked for railings at the station rank to stop people walking in front of cars but it never happened.”

Council Promise

Brighton and Hove City council has commented saying that they are investigating the incident and have requested CCTV footage in order to find the five drivers in question.

Councillor Stephanie Powell, said: “I was deeply disturbed to hear about an incident involving a disabled person at Brighton station and it highlighted the importance of accessibility at this important transport hub.

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