Boosting Profits with Peugeot EuroTaxi™

December 24, 2015

After three long years of supporting Cab Direct in its fight to have the Peugeot EuroTaxi™ passed by Norwich City Council as a hackney taxi, Paddy Keenaghan took delivery of his first two cabs in September 2013.

Since then, Paddy has been a faithful fan of the modern-style hackney taxi, purchasing a further five. Cab Direct caught up with him to see how he’s getting on.

“It’s extremely good value for money.  You’ just can’t knock it.”

Paddy says: “I bought my first EuroTaxi before it had even been passed by the council. I just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t available to us and reckoned it was time for drastic measures. Thankfully they approved it shortly after and I haven’t looked back.

“Fuel economy wise its spot on, my drivers love how much they get to the gallon and it’s a much smoother drive than the TX.

“It’s extremely good value for money.  You’ just can’t knock it.”

EuroTaxi – A Perfect Fit

When the chance arose and with over 18 years’ experience in the taxi trade under his belt, Paddy snapped up the opportunity to set-up his business PNP Rentals. Five years on and he’s a proud owner/driver with a fleet of around 20 cabs.

He commented: “We’ve built up a great rapport with the local council and we’re constantly busy with school and social services contracts as well as our rank work.

“It’s meant that I’ve had to put a lot of thought into what cabs I buy and for me the EuroTaxi is perfect for the job, it’s extremely profitable.”

Mr Keenaghan collects the keys to his first EuroTaxi back in 2013.
Mr Keenaghan collects the keys to his first EuroTaxi back in 2013.

Wheelchair Access – Peugeot EuroTaxi Ticks All the Boxes

Paddy continues: “We pride ourselves on the wheelchair access support that we provide in Norwich. It’s important for us to have quick, easy and safe wheelchair access. The EuroTaxi ticks the box and our customers have nothing but positive things to say.

“In fact, when we pick up customers that haven’t used us before, they’re so surprised when we arrive. The large passenger cabin allows them to travel comfortably with their friends and family – from the feedback we’ve received this is a major bonus for them.”

Behind the Wheel Office

Paddy runs the business from behind the wheel of his Peugeot E7 cab, taking bookings and filtering them out to his drivers. He laughs: “I’m the boss and my cab is essentially my office so I’ve allowed myself a little bit more luxury.”

He adds: “Comfort is vital and just like the EuroTaxi I can’t fault it. I opted for the automatic gearbox which offers great drive and performance.”

Slick Service

Paddy concludes: “I would happily recommend the EuroTaxi, E7 and Cab Direct to anybody. The service is great and feels very personal.”

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