Black Cabs for Sale – Fuel Comparison

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December 9, 2010

Opt for the purpose-built E7™ taxi and you could save up to £138 per month compared to other black cabs for sale in the UK.

In these difficult times, economy is perhaps more important than ever when it comes to choosing the perfect black cab.  The Peugeot E7™ from Cab Direct is quite simply one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly hackneys on the market.  In fact, you could save hundreds of pounds a year on fuel with an E7™ taxi compared with the LTI TX4.

E7™ Black Cab – Top for Fuel Consumption

Let’s take a look at how the E7™ taxi fares compared with the TX4.

  • Peugeot E7 2.0L HDi                £7,965 per 60,000 miles
  • LTI TX4 2.5L Manual                £8,755 per 60,000 miles
  • LTI TX4 2.5L Auto                    £9,630 per 60,000 miles

(Source: VCA independent consumption figures) 

This means you could save £790 a year with an E7™ black cab compared with LTI’s manual TX4 or a massive £1,665 compared with the auto.

So, when it comes to fuel economy, the E7™ is guaranteed to save you money.  Offering a class-leading blend of performance and economy, with E7™ you can work longer and earn more on one tank of fuel than with the TX and other black cabs for sale.

Perfect Hackney Cab

There’s little doubt that economy is top of the priority list for the UK’s hard working cabbies. However, there’s lots more that sets the stunning E7™ aside from its competitors.

Whether you’re looking for comfort, space, safety or accessibility, E7™ is sure to impress. Standard features such as air conditioning, electric one-touch windows and E7’s celebrated EasyGlide™ under-floor ramp* combine to make E7™ the perfect cab for the modern day driver.

Add the reassurance of a five year unlimited mileage warranty as standard and it’s clear to see why E7™ is the UK’s favourite black cab.

*Excludes S model.

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